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Dear Sir,

I tried with the trial offer from Usenet 15 days back. But during filling up the trial form I noticed that my trial account will be automatically upgraded to their annual subscription pack after this time period of 15days is over. But I thought that at least they will ask me once about my experience with their service since there was no option kept open so that I could uncheck this type of auto up-gradation option in their web page. Frankly speaking I am not at all satisfied with their service. So I do not want to subscribe their annual service. Even you can verify that I did not complete the download quota during this 15 days’ period. But today I noticed that -€99.96 EUR amount has billed against my account (Transaction ID through Paypal : 3GP54274M5713015P). I can also assure you that I did not download a single MB data from Usenet after this annual subscription has got activated probably from today. I think this is a kind of cheating because Usenet is forcing the customer to subscribe their annual service directly upgraded from the trial platform without knowing the level of satisfaction of the concerned customer or it did not keep any alternative open so that a customer may uncheck this auto up-gradation option. I thought of expressing my bitter experience through social networls and to customers’ forum. I will request them to refund my money to my account through Paypal Service.

Best Regards,

Indrajit Ghosh Chakraborty

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You should ave cancelled your account before the trial was over.

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